Dalyan Resort Spa

Alternative medicines perfected since the time when kings still ruled Kaunos, the healing traditions of Dalyan remain with modern natural techniques at Dalyan Resort Spa. Aroma Therapy Massage, Traditional Turkish Baths, Foam Massage, Anti-Stress Massage, and others are all available along with activities including yoga and pilates. We aim to cure nothing less than your whole body and even soul. We have experts specific to each field of health and you'll experience firsthand the effects of truly natural cures.


From nature's bounty right to your table...

Dalyan Spa Resort's amazing spreads are filled with fresh all-natural foods that form the hallmarks of Aegean cuisine.

At Dalyan Spa Resort we have dozens of selections of Turkish and global cuisine made from the freshest Aegean ingredients. Here, self-renewal begins right in the kitchen!